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Relative dysfunction in two galaxies

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Fanfiction and other fanworks centering around John, Nancy, David, and Patrick Sheppard from SGA.
The Sheppard Family is a Stargate multimedia community focused on the Sheppard family from Stargate Atlantis.

Both fic and art is welcome, but please put it under a cut and remember to include the apropriate warnings.

John Sheppard is one of the main characters on Stargate Atlantis. He was a Major in the United States Air Force when we were first introduced to him in season one's "Rising, part one", but was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel between season two's "The Siege, part three" and "The Intruder". John was the Commanding Officer on Atlantis for the majority of the shows run, with a few, short exceptions. He's also the leader of Atlantis' flagship team, and is known for coming up with out-of-the-box ideas to rescue people and in general fix problems. John is also very good at math and could've been a member of MENSA.

Nancy Sheppard is John's ex-wife. Little is known about her other than what was seen in season four's "Outcast". In the episode it was revealed she has recently been promoted to the position of Director within Homeland Security. Her marriage to John ended due to them hardly seeing eachother, presumably because of him being deployed. She's in a long-term relationship with a man named Grant, but remained close to her former father-in-law.

David Sheppard is John's brother, but it's unknown if he's older or younger. He presumably went to Harvard Business School before joining Sheppard Utilities, the family business. The brothers had been estranged since before John joined the Atlantis Expedition, but at the end of "Outcast" they make tentative steps towards reconciliation.

Patrick Sheppard was John and David's father. He was a self-made business mogul and built Sheppard Utilities from scratch. As a result he was very wealthy and owned houses across the US. Patrick planned for both of his sons to follow in his foorsteps, but while Dave was the dutiful son and did as his father told him. His other son presumably went and attended the US Air Force Academy and aimed for a career as a pilot instead. This caused a big strain on their relationship. At some point they had a major fight which caused an estrangement that remain unresolved when Patrick died of a heart attack in early 2008 at the age of 69. According to Dave, Patrick regretted the enstrangement.

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